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Simply choose from the options opposite and we’ll show you a wide range of items which match your requirements. We’ll even tell you why a particular item could be beneficial to child development.



Set the cat walks alight with your own range of fashion accessories.

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Explore the natural world around us with our nature tools, books and sets.

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Budding bio-chemists to astronauts, we have the science kit for you!

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  • Simple toys and puzzles gratify curiosity of how things work as well as reinforcing their hand eye co-ordination and understanding of spacial orientation like classic wooden toys and simple puzzles.

  • The brain is at 90% of it's adult weight at 6 years of age, imagination and interaction start playing key roles between these ages. Between these ages it is essential to develop their creative side to allow them to express themselves as an individual. Craft kits are an excellent form of expression allowing promotion of creativity and improving technical skills.

  • 6-9 years: At this age children have achieved a grasp of basic dexterity, language and social skills and are eager to practise and refine them. They also like to challenge themselves intellectually with puzzles and games that involve strategy, there are lots of other imaginative options that can broaden this groups horizons, from crafts sets for making jewellery or puppets to a microscope or micro-study kit.

  • 9-14 years: At this age planning and problem solving skills increase alongside scientific reasoning and an ability of ones own thinking develops. Play becomes sophisticated and increasingly symbolic. Sporting activities play a key role and are often a hit with children in this group.

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